The WhizzTips Dream

It feels great to help other folks. Most of us have gained special skills during our studies and working lives but we mostly use them to help a grumpy boss or the guy next door. Let’s share our gifts with more people. Join a community where we all help each other and find the fixes we need. WhizzTips makes this happen. Experts - “Whizzes” and people looking for “Tips” connect to get it done – Affordably & Without Boundaries

How it works



Power to the User  Power to the User

With your Service Request reaching multiple Whizzes, you get to choose who you will hire. Our suggestion – Please use a balanced approach between price and ratings & qualifications. The cheapest may not always be the best.

Social Marketing Advantage  Social Marketing Advantage

The Whizzes are always in the news. We promote our 'Star' whizzes though Social Media regularly. Popular Whizzes win more jobs!.

Select a Specific Whizz  Select a Specific Whizz

Once a user is happy with a specific Whizz, you can hire them directly through the app searching by name.

Whizz Counter  Whizz Counter

Tells you how many jobs the Whizz has undertaken in their field of expertise.

Star' Whizz  Star' Whizz

A combination of 50 successful jobs and an average of 4.0 rating will make a whizz a ‘Star’. More benefits to the Star Whizzes to be announced soon.

Our Team

"WhizzTips was founded by 2 aspiring entrepreneurs from Information Technology and Digital Media backgrounds. Great friends & family men, passionate about disrupting the rip-off corporate culture and avid sports fans. Between Richard & Prajit they have a combined 45 years of experience looking after their customers in the Consumer & B2B segments as ethically as they were able. But that wasn't enough. Their vision for WhizzTips comes from their own personal experiences in trying to get expert advice and services, fighting for fairness and affordability and ultimately finding that smart friends and neighbors could help more than faceless corporates!”

  • Prajit

    Founder & CEO

  • Richard

    Co-Founder & COO

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